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Letter of Recommendation Editing Services




Professional Residency Experts will skillfully edit your Letter of Recommendation (LOR) with the highest level of expertise.


Thorough grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks.

Evaluation of sentence structure and logical flow of ideas.

Ensuring clarity and precision in your phrases.

Polishing the overall tone and style of your LOR.



Upon placing your order, you will promptly receive an email confirmation detailing your order and an option to download a PDF document outlining the necessary details and documents required, including your CV/Resume.

Within four days, it is imperative that you transmit all the required information and documents to the email address specified in the PDF document.

Upon receiving your documents, we will promptly send you a confirmation email, and our residency experts will initiate the editing process, ensuring delivery within the specified timeframe.



Revision requests must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving the edited LOR via email.

The LOR Editing Service should be utilized within 7 days from the date of purchase.

The timeline for service completion begins after the successful submission of the required documents by the student/candidate.



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