Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


Following are the clauses that are required by all the candidates to consider
carefully before the start of the module.

1. All the information / content / material shared in our sessions is an
intellectual property of IMG Helping Hands. It’s a copyright material. Please
do not share it on other platforms.

2. Order of Authorship will be decided by mentors according to individual’s
contributions and dedication based on quality of work submitted. No
candidate can question mentors decision at the end.

3. We target US and UK based journals with high impact factor. These journals
have indexations from PubMed, Google scholar, Research gate , Semantic
scholar, Crossref, Academia, DOI, Pub- facts , Publon, POCN etc.

4. Due to high volume of candidates enrolling in our modules , we are strictly
time-bound . So please make sure that you choose your module carefully
and avoid making last minute changes. It becomes highly inconvenient for
other candidates as well.

5. IMG Helping Hands believes in helping all the IMGs across the world to
pursue their US journey. Our team will always be available for your
assistance. But please do understand that , at times, it might take a bit
longer for our mentors to address your queries. Please be patient and wait
for mentors to get back to you.

6. There is no refund policy at IMG Helping Hands after a candidate gets
enrolled in our module.

7. IMG Helping Hands truly values your feedback. We highly discourage the
practice of posting hateful comments on various social media platforms .
Naming / Shaming any member of our team in every way is highly
prohibited. Please refrain from any such activity. If you have any concerns
regarding our modules , please reach out to us. Our team would be
available round the clock to address your queries.

8. All the mentors offering services are in contractual agreement with IMG
Helping Hands. If you have any concerns regarding any of them , please
reach out to us directly.

9. We highly discourage predator journals and ghost publications. Therefore
we expect high standards of commitment from your end. Please
participate actively to secure authorship.

10.Our modules are going to be 4 to 5 weeks long and once the paper gets
finished, it will take 8 to 12 weeks for publication in the PubMed indexed
journals. So we expect our candidates to work hard and then wait patiently
as well.

11.In very rare cases if , after our multiple attempts , our research work does
not get published we would be refunding 40% of your fee ( Please note that
this has not happened even once since the inception of our company ).
By reading the above clauses I hereby agree with all the agreement points
mentioned above. I also certify that I have completely understood each point to
my best of understanding.