Working as a Limited License Physician in Alabama, USA

Table of Contents

(Navigating the Physician Workforce Act of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide)

1. Introduction

Overview of the Physician Workforce Act and its key provisions. Anticipated Limited Practice Opportunities for Bridge-Year Graduate Physicians.

2. Changes in Education Requirements

Reduction of postgraduate education for non-LCME graduates from three to two years (effective Aug. 1). Elimination of the ten-year limitation for the required licensure exam.

3. Eligibility Criteria

I. Residents/Fellows:

LCME- or AOA-accredited medical school graduates requirements. Certification of training or employment from the Dean, Chief Medical Officer, or Program Director.

II. Non-LCME Graduates:

Translation of diploma to English and eligibility for examination by ECFMG. Serving one year of residency approved by AMA or the Board.

III. State Penal or Mental Institution Employees:

 Criteria for full-time employment and USMLE Step 3 conditions.

IV. Visiting, Distinguished, and Specialty Professors:

 Criteria for each category, MD degree, faculty employment, and recognition by peers.

4. Application Process

Contacting program directors or administrators for limited license application. Personal completion of application forms available on the official page.

5. Fees and Renewal

Details on non-refundable fees for initial limited COQ, initial limited license, and renewals. Annual renewal requirements for Limited COQs and licenses.

6. Important Deadlines

Renewal deadlines, especially for Limited COQs (prior to Nov. 30 each year).

– Declaration of Lawful Presence for lawful aliens/foreign national licensees.

Optional Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate

– Information on applying through the Licensee Portal.

Documentation and Verification

– Requirements for lawful aliens/foreign national licensees, including proof of legal presence.

Additional Resources

Checking pending application status.

Accessing agenda deadlines.

7. Conclusion

Emphasizing the importance of adherence to application procedures and renewal deadlines.

Disclaimer:This information might be inaccurate. For the most accurate details, visit the official website of each state’s medical board.

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