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Our Mission is to mentor the fastest growing medical clan from all over the world and assist them in transitioning into the American Healthcare system.




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Introducing the IMG Helping Hands Ambassador Program – a unique opportunity for medical students worldwide to join forces with us in making a difference in the medical community. As an ambassador, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable experience, network with peers, and make a positive impact on your college campus.

Our program is designed to offer medical students a chance to connect with IMG Helping Hands and become part of our mission to provide research assistance, USMLE preparation, and clinical rotation experience in the United States. As an ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with our team, promote our services and events, and share our social media posts.

As an added bonus, ambassadors will receive regular social media shoutouts from us and have the opportunity to organize webinars for their college. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your CV, develop leadership skills, and showcase your passion for the medical field.

Join the IMG Helping Hands Ambassador Program today and take your medical career to the next level. Become a part of our global network of medical professionals and help us make a positive impact on the world

Our Exclusive USCE hunting program is an exceptional 1-on-1 guide. It includes the premium benefits like:
●Guide to hunt the USCE programs
●How to Email for the proposal of USCE
●Proper Behavioral Sciences Training for Clinical Rotations.
●Guide to Standout for Certification
●Ultimate Teaching to obtain a Good  Letter Of Recommendation(LOR).

Our mission is to provide  International Medical Graduates the services like Research Opportunities, US Clinical Experience, CV boosting Tactics, Interview Refining Skill and ERAS Portfolio Building at Four times less cost than any other Organisation.
Moreover, you can join our Global Royal Medical Clan as an Ambassador of your Medical School to get these perks at even lesser cost and will get the affiliation certification alongwith giveaways.

This program provides real-time case management discussions with the
medical team and trains them to take a medical history and case presentations.
Additionally, you will be taught EKG and X-ray interpretation. The participant will also be
allowed to ask questions and offer opinions.
Benefits :
● US clinical experience
● Patient communication
● Learn history-taking skills
● Personal and professional growth
● All training is hands-on with a set evaluation system.
● Case Presentations
● SOAP note writing
● Electronic Medical Record System Training
● Networking with US residents
● Poster presentations
●Research experience
●Participate in Didactics
●Opportunities to be a speaker at International Conferences
●Medical Mission opportunities with a team of US doctors and nurses to countries such as Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean islands.
●Personalized Letter of Recommendation (LORs will be on merit

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