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IMG Helping Hands believe that the medical professionals of the world get less opportunities to learn leadership skills, communication skills and PR building opportunities as compared to the professionals of other fields. But worry not! IMG Helping Hands is providing an exclusive leadership Program for it's Ambassadors. There are three levels of Ambassadorships offered by IMG HELPING HANDS.


IMGHH Campus Ambassador

We are going to select one student from each Medical School in the world to provide them with our extensive leadership Program. 

This level is reached by any Medical Student when he/she gives his consent to become an Ambassador and conduct a Webinar of IMG HELPING HANDS at his University on an Official level. The main perks of the basic level are:


Affiliate Ambassador

This level of collaboration is reached when you are an official ambassador of IMGHH HELPING HANDS and are now approved to be monetized. 

At this stage, you get a referral code from IMG HELPING HANDS. You are part of all the promotions by IMG HELPING HANDS.

Whenever, someone purchase services of IMG HELPING HANDS by using your referral code, you will get profit on each purchase
the person using your referrals code will get discounts too.

IMGHH Country Ambassador

This level is also known as the Face of IMGHH HELPING HANDS. Every country has a maximum of one face of IMG HELPING HANDS. The face of IMG HELPING HANDS have access to all board of Directors of company. This access gives you the opportunity to design the packages and services of IMG HELPING HANDS according to the needs of your country. 

When someone reaches the level of FACE OF IMG HELPING HANDS then he/she is  featured on the website as team member of IMGHH. All the benefits of lower levels of ambassadorship are included in this level too.


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enroll in our advanced and premium paid research modules and beneficial courses before the completion of limited available slots.

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What Our Students Say About Us:

Very professional!
Shivani Ashwariya
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« I practiced my interview skills with doctor zain before my first interview. this practice session along with the feedback gave me the confidence that i needed to be comfortable and authentic during my interviews. »
Essential Guidance and Support!
Amna Mustafa
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« I'm highly gratefull to IMG Helping Hands for providing essential guidance throughout the match session. their members helped me with my interview skills and provided me with valuable feedback. »
Helpfull Assistance!
Asma Cheema
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« Thank you for Dr. Zain assistance in patiently helping me prepare for the interviews. he always checked upon even after the paid session was over, continually guiding me and it is greatly appreciated. »
Invaluable Support!
Madiha Kiyani
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« IMG Helping hands provided invaluable support during my match cycle, polishing my ERAS CV, research work and interview skills. their exceptional mentors offer not only excellent services but also essentional moral support»
residency match 2023