Research Modules

Research Modules

How do we work :

Our program spans four weeks, focusing on research modules. During the initial week, our experts provide comprehensive training in research methodologies.

The subsequent three weeks are dedicated to hands-on research under mentorship, culminating in the publication of your own research.

Session 1 includes:

The first session covers essential topics, including an introduction to Meta-Analysis and specific guidance on associated procedures. This session includes:

  • Revising literature review and search strategies
  • Creating data extraction tables
  • Understanding PRISMA guidelines
  • Addressing publication bias
  • Conducting quality assessments
  • A Q&A session


Session 2 Includes:

  • Revising day one’s material
  • REVMAN or Review Manager
  • OpenMeta-analyst
  • Comprehensive meta-Analyst
  • A Q&A session


Session 3 includes:

  • Revision of day two’s content
  • Manuscript writing
  • Finalizing projects
  • A Q&A session

Throughout the program, our expert instructors provide comprehensive training on the latest software tools and techniques used in narrative and systematic reviews, including EndNote, Covidence, and RevMan.

 You will also acquire skills in utilizing meta-analysis and other statistical methods to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions.

By the program’s end, you’ll be well-equipped to write and finalize manuscripts, enabling you to publish in high-impact journals and advance your career in residency programs, research fellowships, Ph.D. programs, and MPH programs.

Our Research Modules

Enroll! to get your confirmed publications in PubMed indexed Journals. 

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Our Research Modules

Enroll! to get your confirmed publications in PubMed indexed Journals. 

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We offer narrative literature reviews, systematic reviews, and meta‑analysis.

The next meta‑analysis starts on 10th June. We also have ongoing case report modules.

Author rank is based on dedication and work ethics. Equal opportunity for first authorship. No authorship’s sold.

Usually 8 to 9 people per USMLE Research modules.

Minimum 1 hour daily commitment. Zoom sessions scheduled based on availability.

All articles published in Pubmed indexed journals.

Research modules experience for Eras CV. Official certificates provided after publication.

Not required. Beginners welcome. Mentors teach from scratch.

Included in the Research modules for basic learning

If rejected, paper submitted to other journals until published.

Normally 4‑8 weeks after the 4‑week module.

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USMLE Training Modules for medical students

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Very professional!
Shivani Ashwariya
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« I practiced my interview skills with doctor zain before my first interview.

This practice session along with the feedback gave me the confidence that i needed to be comfortable and authentic during my interviews. »
Essential Guidance and Support!
Amna Mustafa
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« I'm highly gratefull to IMG Helping Hands for providing essential guidance throughout the match session.

Their members helped me with my interview skills and provided me with valuable feedback. »
Helpfull Assistance!
Asma Cheema
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« Thank you for Dr. Zain assistance in patiently helping me prepare for the interviews. he always checked upon even after the paid session was over, continually guiding me and it is greatly appreciated. »
Invaluable Support!
Madiha Kiyani
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« IMG Helping hands provided invaluable support during my match cycle, polishing my ERAS CV, research work and interview skills.

Their exceptional mentors offer not only excellent services but also essentional moral support»