ERAS Portfolio Building

We offer instructions and guidance to complete the residency application as well as help international medical students and graduates with the ERAS procedure.

We build the best Eras portfolio for you as we

  • Utilize your personal statement to highlight your strengths and how they make you a competitive candidate.
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae to include academic achievements such as research projects, publications, awards, and scholarships.
  • Highlight clinical experiences and extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, shadowing, and any other programs that demonstrate your commitment to the field.
  • Include any membership in professional organizations, such as the American Medical Association and other specialty societies.
  • Emphasize leadership experience, and include any leadership roles that you may have held.
  • Showcase any letters of recommendation from medical faculty mentors, residency directors, or medical experts who know you and can speak to your qualifications.
  • Include any skills or specialties that you possess and include relevant certifications and training.
  • Connect the dots for the reader by providing a list of accomplishments that could link

There are only a few spots left in our mentoring program. We are aware of how challenging residency and the match season can be. But with our mentorship program, we’re here to lessen your suffering.

We pair you up with a resident physician who will serve as your mentor during the match season.

You can create a plan with the aid of our experts.

You can reach out to us at any time and ask any questions. We are always available to you for assistance, whether it be with SOAP strategy or prioritizing the scheduling of interviews.

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  • 100% Guidance